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A New Year, a New You! PDF Print E-mail

Ladies, come join us on this special night! 

Cleansing PDF Print E-mail

It's the season to renew and refresh your body from the inside out!


Toxins enter into our bodies every day- here's how: 

FOOD: We try to eat right by consuming fresh produce, leaner meats, more fiber-rich foods, and fewer fats and processed foods. But despite our  best efforts, toxins enter the body through the foods we eat, including harmful pesticides on fruits and vegetables, and needless chemicals and hormones in meat and dairy products. Processed foods are hard to avoid and are filled with additives and preservatives, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, food colorings, and more.

AIR: Step outside. Even if we can't see it or smell it, the air we breathe contains hazardous pollutants from industrial waste and other sources. Inside our homes the air can be just as toxic, where dangerous chemicals are released from paints, insulation, cleaning supplies and more, as well as flame retardant cookware, carpet and upholstery. 

WATER: The water we drink and the water we use in our homes every day for cooking, bathing and other tasks may be harboring hidden contaminants such as parasites, toxic metals, herbicides and pesticides- even antibiotics and prescription medications. Over time those toxins can build up in  our bodies and affect our health.


Fight back against the onslaught of daily toxins with regular internal cleansing!

Begin with a total-body cleanse at least twice yearly to help absorb and eliminate harmful toxins and support the body's seven channels of elimination- the skin, lungs, bowel, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, and blood. 

Acure Organics PDF Print E-mail

Do you want great, glowing, healthy skin? Well look no further!


Introducing... Acure Organics!

A skin care line that is 100% Natural. Fair Trade Certified Organic Ingredients. No Petrochemicals. Sulfate Free. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. No Synthetic Fragrances. No Mineral Oil. 

Amazing. We know. That's why we carry their line!



The Acure Skin Care Line uses Chlorella Growth Factor. (CGF)

Chlorella is a single-cell green algae.CGF is rich in RNA and DNA, the nucleic acids that create life. Your body's creation of RNA and DNA is significantly reduced in our early twenties, leading to aging. Their CGF contains 10,000mg per 100g of RNA, the highest source available for your skin!


CGF is clinically proven to protect collagen and elastin fibers from the enzymes that destroy them.


We currently carry their following products:

                      Facial Cleaning Creme                        Facial Scrub

                      Facial Toners                                       Day Cream

                      Night Cream                                         Eye Cream

                      Radical Wrinkle Complex                    Facial Mask

                      Radical Resurfacing Creme               Firming Serum

                      Argan Oil                                               Shampoo


 Beautiful skin is possible!

Come in and check out the Acure Skin Care Line!   

2012 PDF Print E-mail



Changes of the Coming Year


Lately, the topic of the year 2012 has brought fear into the lives of the masses. It is believed that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. And because of that, the earth will be thrown into an apocalyptic doomsday.  


But guess what? The Mayan Calendar did not end on that date. Instead, they marked that day, December 21, 2012 as a very special day. A day in which great changes will happen!

Lets know in our hearts that those changes are ultimately going to be positive changes rather than some of the dark forecasts we have heard.  


There is a shift happening in the world right now. We are pulling away from our self destruction, regaining respect for our planet earth as well as our own bodies. Priorities are shifting to peace, love and environmental concerns. This is a period of positive vibration, and we are pulling away from the addictions of negativity.


So doesn't it feel better to stay in the light of positive thought, shedding fear and negativity knowing that 2012 can be bringing us what we really most aspire to.

Remember, what you think about you bring about!  


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